Monitor and highlight log files w/PowerShell

Write-HostHighlight The Write-HostHighlight function from my PowerShell MS-Module module can receive any string(s) and highlight within it a substring. Let see a simple example. By default the search is case insensitive, but you can easy change it by specifying the -CaseSensitive switch. If an input string does not contain a substring, the Write-HostHighlight just writes … Continue reading Monitor and highlight log files w/PowerShell

Leverage Cisco Discovery Protocol w/PowerCLi

If you are a lucky owner of Cisco switches, the Get-VMHostCDP function will give you all the necessary information about the network settings using the Cisco Discovery Protocol. Get-VMHostCDP The CDP info for a single network adapter of ESXi host can be retrieved from GUI. The Get-VMHostCDP function from my PowerCLi Vi-Module module retrieves the … Continue reading Leverage Cisco Discovery Protocol w/PowerCLi

Interactive Azure VHD operations w/PowerShell

In my previous article we talked about how to deploy Azure VM from existing VHD file/blob. Today we will automate all VHD related operations (Copy/Move/Rename/Delete) with PowerShell. And we will make this process fully interactive – menu driven with no mandatory parameters at all! Az-Module All you need is Azure Automation Az-Module. We will utilize … Continue reading Interactive Azure VHD operations w/PowerShell

Deploy Azure VM w/PowerShell and Az-Module

As I promised in my previous article, today we’ll write PowerShell script to deploy VM in the Microsoft Azure cloud. Before you begin The script utilizes several functions from my Azure Automation Az-Module. The Az-Module contains auxiliary functions for the Microsoft AzureRm Module, you will need it too. Every time you run the script it … Continue reading Deploy Azure VM w/PowerShell and Az-Module