How to get VSAN capabilities w/PowerCLi

More than two months ago I have introduced my VMware VSAN PowerCLi module Today we will add one more function Get-VSANCapability to the module. Get-VSANCapability Each vSphere/VSAN release brings more and more features and capabilities to VSAN Clusters. For example, Stretched Clusters were introduced in VSAN 6.2, iSCSI Targets in 6.5 and Verbose mode for … Continue reading How to get VSAN capabilities w/PowerCLi

VMware VSAN PowerCLi module

With the PowerCLi 6.5.1 release, the new Get-VsanView cmdlet is now available that exposes the complete VMware VSAN Management API. The famous VMware guru William Lam demonstrated the great proof of concept for managing and silencing VSAN Health Checks. After reading this article, I decided to create VSAN PowerCLi module. You can download it (and many other resources) … Continue reading VMware VSAN PowerCLi module