Monitor and highlight log files w/PowerShell

Write-HostHighlight The Write-HostHighlight function from my PowerShell MS-Module module can receive any string(s) and highlight within it a substring. Let see a simple example. By default the search is case insensitive, but you can easy change it by specifying the -CaseSensitive switch. If an input string does not contain a substring, the Write-HostHighlight just writes … Continue reading Monitor and highlight log files w/PowerShell

Interactive Azure VHD operations w/PowerShell

In my previous article we talked about how to deploy Azure VM from existing VHD file/blob. Today we will automate all VHD related operations (Copy/Move/Rename/Delete) with PowerShell. And we will make this process fully interactive – menu driven with no mandatory parameters at all! Az-Module All you need is Azure Automation Az-Module. We will utilize … Continue reading Interactive Azure VHD operations w/PowerShell