Intellectually sort IP addresses w/PowerShell


Did you try some day to sort IP addresses by embedded PowerShell cmdlet Sort-Object?

If your answer is Yes, you know what do I mean intellectually, if no, I will show you an example.

'', '', '' | Sort-Object


You expected to see the before the, right?

The problem is Sort-Object does not know and can’t know Emoj that you are trying to sort IP addresses, it sorts your input as simple strings.


  • But the Sort-IpAddress function from my PowerShell MS-Module module will do that.

  • If your strings can be recognized as valid IP addresses, the Sort-IpAddress will sort them intellectually. Let’s compare the sort results by Sort-Object and Sort-IpAddress.

'', '', '' | Sort-Object
'', '', '' | Sort-IpAddress


Descending sort

  • The function can make both ascending and descending sorts. The default is ascending sort, but you can switch to descending by adding the -ZA parameter.
1..15 |% {"192.168.10.$_"} | Sort-IpAddress -ZA


Not only Class C

  • I almost forgot, the Class A and B IP addresses are sorted correctly too.
'', '', '', '' | Sort-IpAddress
'', '', '', '', '' | Sort-IpAddress



  • The real function name is Invoke-SortIpAddress, and Sort-IpAddress is an alias. The reason Sort is reserved PowerShell verb.
Get-Command -Module MS-Module
Get-Alias -Definition Invoke-SortIpAddress
  • For more details about the function, please take a look at the content based help and examples.
Get-Help Invoke-SortIpAddress -Full
Get-Help Sort-IpAddress -Examples
Get-Help Sort-IpAddress -Parameter ZA

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