How to get VSAN capabilities w/PowerCLi


More than two months ago I have introduced my VMware VSAN PowerCLi module

Today we will add one more function Get-VSANCapability to the module.


Connect-VIServer $VC -wa SilentlyContinue
Get-Cluster | Get-VSANCapability
  • You can pipeline one or more Clusters to the function and these Clusters must not be VSAN enabled.
Get-Cluster Test | Get-VSANCapability
Get-Cluster Test, Prod | Get-VSANCapability
Get-Datacenter North | Get-Cluster Prod* | Get-VSANCapability


Returned objects

The Get-VSANCapability returns objects with three properties

Property Description
VIObject VC/Cluster/Host name
Type VC type (VCSA/VCenter) or Cluster type (VSANCluster/Cluster) or ESXi host (VMHost)
Capability Capability full name

-Capability parameter

  • The -Capability parameter helps you to filter out only capability/capabilities you are interested.
Get-Cluster | Get-VSANCapability –Capability allflash
Get-Cluster | Get-VSANCapability –Capability allflash, encryption
  • Let say you want to know is your Infrastructure ready for Stretched Clusters with All-Flash arrays and Datastore level encryption. Voila.
Get-Cluster | Get-VSANCapability –Capability allflash, encryption, stretchedcluster


  • The -Capability parameter is positional and can be omitted.
Get-Cluster | Get-VSANCapability allflash, encryption, stretchedcluster
  • There is no need to memorize the capabilities. The Intellisense (Ctrl+Space or TAB completion) is supported.



  • There are three requirements.

  • PowerCLi 6.5.1 and VCenter 6.0U2 or above. The both can be validated by Get-Version.

Connect-VIServer $VC -wa SilentlyContinue
Get-Version –VCenter
  • To get your VSAN/vSphere versions
Get-Cluster | Get-VSANVersion
Get-VMHost | Get-Version


  • One more requirement is PowerShell 4.0 or above. I hope you have long 5.x Emoj.
$PSVersionTable.PSVersion.Major –ge 4

Question to the community

  • There are capabilities that I don’t understand what does it mean: upgrade, objectidentities, clusterconfig, dataefficiency and capability named capability Emoj.

  • If you have any ideas, please write out to the comments. Any help is welcome.


  • For more details about the function, please take a look at the content based help and examples.

Get-Help Get-VSANCapability -Full
Get-Help Get-VSANCapability -Examples
Get-Help Get-VSANCapability -Parameter Capability
  • New functions will not take long to wait. All upcoming VSAN related articles will arrive here. Bookmark the link and stay tuned.

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